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It is possible that at some point you have been presented with an unexpected situation or have simply been shopping and have seen on sale that item that you have wanted to acquire for a long time, but you have finished the budget that you had available for that month. In the face of these or other unforeseen situations that may arise, you have the solution within the reach of a click: online loans   immediate.

At present, these loans are widely accepted by many people due to the facilities they provide. Among the essential requirements to acquire this type of product, we emphasize that you have to have access to the Internet, so the applicant saves time and effort to get a sum of money that will be granted in a few minutes, after being approved by a lender .

Process of immediate loans online at Astro Finance

Process of immediate loans online at Astro Finance

As discussed above, an instant online loan   is a type of credit that you can request with the use of a computer, smart phone or tablet through the websites of financial institutions that provide this service to the client.

This application process is very easy, since you only have to specify some personal information, provide a phone number that is active (and preferably that is often used) and give the details of a bank account where the requested credit will be deposited. once approved. It is also necessary to provide the data of a credit or debit card, because with some of them it is how it will be paid to the lender. And, in addition, it must be specified in how much time the debt contracted with the entity in question will be settled.

After making the request, the entity analyzes the data entered by the applicant and proceeds to send a response via email or text message, where it is informed whether or not the loan is granted. If affirmative, you will have the money available within less than 15 minutes in the account indicated. For this you must indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions of the credit. Then, you will be sent an email specifying the loan details and the details of the refund.

What conditions must you meet to apply for immediate online loans?

What conditions must you meet to apply for immediate online loans?

1. Have an age in the range between 18 and 65 years.
2. Have an income higher than expenses, which is equal to not being bankrupt.
3. Not have outstanding debts with any financial entity.
4. If you have previously applied for loans to any entity, have fully met the payment deadlines set.
5. Reside in Spain.

Advantages of these loans

Advantages of these loans

These loans greatly simplify the processes, the documentation required and the time a person has to wait to obtain a sum of money in contrast to what happens in a traditional way in a financial institution.

Among the main benefits provided by the application of these types of credits are the following:

  • The application process is done quickly and safely.
  • It offers the possibility of paying the loan in a period that includes up to 6 weeks after it is granted.
  • The request can be made from anywhere with an Internet connection, every day of the week and at any time.
  • It is not necessary to provide any endorsement to request these loans.
  • It is possible to have in a very short period of time the lender’s response to the request made.
  • The execution process is completely transparent and only the fees that can be clearly calculated on our website will be charged, which vary depending on the amount requested and the time in which the refund is made.
  • This type of loan is not fixed in the banking history of the clients, so it will not be an impediment for them to request another loan from a bank.
  • The average acceptance of these loans is higher than that conventionally granted by banks.
  • If the payments are made as specified at the time of the request, it is possible that in the future you can increase the amount of money that can be assigned to you initially.
  • In order for lenders to grant credit it is necessary that they have a monthly source of income, which does not mean that they have to have a fixed contract in a company.
  • The personal information of the clients is protected.

For your safety, we inform you that in Astro Finance we comply with the standards of the data security standard for the payment card industry (PCI SSC for its acronym in English).

What conditions can lead to a lender denying the requested credit?

What conditions can lead to a lender denying the requested credit?

There are several elements that lenders faithfully analyze to assign a credit. Below, we list some of the most probable causes for which, in some cases, the requests made by customers are rejected:

  • A reliable source of income is not identified, so there is a low probability of compliance with the agreed delivery dates.
  • Being on Financial Credit Institutions lists or another file as delinquent.
  • The information requested has not been entered correctly.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Each loan immediately online   approved will be returned by the applicant within a period of one to 6 weeks. Each financial institution has its specific conditions for such reimbursement, so it is important that you read the credit conditions correctly before accepting them because they are established by the lender who has granted the credit.

At Astro Finance we offer you excellent guarantees, security and comfort so that you can apply for your immediate online loans. Also, we have professional services that speed up the time of obtaining the money you need in an unforeseen way. We will answer quickly all the doubts that you have about the topics associated with the fast loans online . We put at your disposal the terms and conditions of granting applications. In addition, in our hands your identity is extremely protected by the latest cybersecurity systems in the sector.

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Payday loans and other horror fables Fri, 03 May 2019 12:43:33 +0000 "Payday loans and other horror fables"]]>

Imagine, you just received your check and you no longer have money. Of course, I know that has never happened to you. That only happens to other people, right?

Well, the truth is that it happens to many people and in the United States the way in which people solve this problem is usually with credit. The one that has credit cards resolves with them. But, not everyone has access to credit cards.

What happens to those who do not have credit cards? Many of them use the option of payday loans or go to places of rent with option to purchase (Rent to Own). These two monsters were conceived in the same place. And I imagine you can imagine what it was.

Payday loans.

Payday loans.

Since you do not have money and obviously you can not wait, you go and give $ 115 to the payday loan company to lend you $ 100. That’s 391% interest. They make you sign a contract with which they keep your check until your next payday.

It sounds very convenient, right?

The problem is now you’re also broke and you have $ 15 more. What is the solution? Obviously it is renewing that loan for another week. And as you are now in a deeper hole, you renew again. You do this for four weeks and you pay $ 60 to borrow $ 100. It makes sense, right?

It seems that yes because these places are everywhere where there are Hispanics.

Rent to Own (rent with option to purchase).

Rent to Own (rent with option to purchase).

You do not have the money to buy the television you want. The solution to rent it with option to purchase. With only 78 comfortable weekly payments you can have the television you need. Very convenient.

The TV you want costs $ 549. But, since you do not have money, you sign the contract for the 78 weeks paying $ 13.99 per week. The problem is that there are several things that you do not know. First, the same television in any other store costs $ 449.

Second, because you were so broke that you could not pay $ 449 for a TV, you end up paying $ 1,098. And then you wonder why you can not get out of the hole.

Overdraft fees.

Overdraft fees.

Because your bank always cares about what is best for you, it offers the convenience of overdraft fees. So that you are not going to be embarrassed that a check bounces you or that you reject a purchase with the debit card.

The bank is so good that for many years they offered you this convenience even if you did not want it. Thanks to a new law, now you can decide not to receive that gift from your bank.

The only thing I have not mentioned is that, to avoid the embarrassment of your card not happening, the bank charges between $ 35 and $ 40 per transaction. Imagine it’s Saturday morning, you buy a fifty-cent coffee and you pay with the card, but there’s no money in the account.

The bank approves the transaction to avoid embarrassment, but charges you $ 35 for the coffee. That makes starbucks a child’s play. And God forbid that several transactions enter because you could pay over $ 300 as it has happened to so many people.

Check with your bank to see if they have you registered for this “protection”. If so, cancel this service immediately. Thank God you no longer have to accept the forced gifts that the bank imposes on you for their benefit.


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Another reason for not taking payday loans. Sat, 13 Apr 2019 12:26:25 +0000 "Another reason for not taking payday loans."]]>

The Pew Charitable Trust published a study on payday loans that is equally fascinating and scary. These are the so-called Pay Day Loans that are advertised everywhere. Once I wrote eight things that you do not know about these loans. These are the loans used by people who have bad credit or who do not have access to credit cards. That is, the most fregaos and those who scrub most.

This type of loan is an armed robbery. The conditions of them are usury, but even so, every year 12 million people spend 7,400 million dollars on them. Not in vain they promote them so much.

That does not stay that way, that swells

That does not stay that way, that swells

These people on average took eight of these loans during the year. The loans on average were for $ 375 and ended up paying $ 520 in interest for each loan. That is, they paid almost double only in interest, but the incredible thing is that they did not learn either the second or the third. No, it took them eight times.

Which means that they were willing to pay $ 4,160 extra to maintain the lifestyle they had, because the study showed that 69 percent of them took the loans to not lower their lifestyle. This makes no sense. Believe me, I do not like to lower my lifestyle either, it is one of the most difficult things one can do in life. And it is even more difficult if you have family, because in that case the whole family is affected.

Change your lifestyle, or your lifestyle changes to you

Change your lifestyle, or your lifestyle changes to you

Even though I do not like to lower my lifestyle, I am not willing to pay $ 4,160 in interest alone to maintain it. This is a recipe for disaster. Once again, what makes personal finances so difficult is the personal part.

By doing this, you do not realize that when you borrow money today, you are negotiating with yourself to reduce your income for the future. In this case you are reducing the salary is more than $ 4,000 to maintain the standard of living you have.

The situation is really as stupid as it sounds, anyone can realize that. Well, anyone, except the twelve million people who do this every year. Do not fall for the foolishness of payday loans. Protect your capital, it is better to go through the discomfort of lowering your lifestyle for yourself, than to go through the trauma of your lifestyle collapsing after you paid all those interests.

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Urgent payday loan Fri, 22 Feb 2019 14:08:49 +0000 "Urgent payday loan"]]>

We often receive requests regarding the possibility of obtaining an urgent payday loan, the reasons may be many, our experience teaches it.

We are at disposal to find the best solution in order to obtain an urgent payday loan.

By filling out our free quote request you will be contacted within 24/36 hours by one of our selected partners. Based on the data that you will indicate, we will address your urgent payday loan request to those who can, most likely, solve your need .

In fact, We makes use of the best financial partners on the market today, selected for their experience and expertise in the management of practices , even difficult ones , to arrive at the provision of the urgent payday loan.

The evaluation phase, regarding the possibility of obtaining an urgent payday loan, will be of fundamental importance , therefore, after having filled out the request for a quote (remember that it is free and without obligation), prepare the documentation that will be subsequently requested, in this the time will be shortened and the consultant will be quicker in his intervention.

Documentation necessary to obtain an urgent payday loan.

If you are a permanent employee:

  • Valid identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • Valid Residence Permit
  • last 2 paychecks
  • CU (ex CUD)

If you are a pensioner:

  • Valid identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • OBIS M

If you are a fixed-term employee

  • Valid identity document
  • Fiscal Code
  • Work contract to evaluate the duration
  • last 2 paychecks
  • CU (ex CUD)

If you are a freelancer or self-employed

  • Identity document
  • VAT tax code
  • Mod. 730 and / or professional CU last 2 years


  • for all in the case of payday loans / payday loans still in progress, a copy of the existing contracts must be presented;
  • a copy of a regularly paid user of Light, Water, Gas may be required.

Urgent payday loan with us

We have been working in the credit sector for years and we know very well all the dynamics that regulate this market. Relying on We means choosing to work with the best financial partners: synonymous with guarantee , therefore, for those looking for an immediate solution to its economic problems .

Remember: the quote is free and without obligation, we operate at national level and you can get a payday loan up to a maximum of € 50,000 in 120 installments.


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Loans for the Unemployed: How they Work and Steps to Apply Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:26:46 +0000 "Loans for the Unemployed: How they Work and Steps to Apply"]]>


Loans for the unemployed is done online, under the different lenders that we find on the Internet, even making requests by phone or tablet, which saves us time and effort.

In this type of loans, it is not necessary to guarantee labor income or other requirements that make it impossible for the unemployed to obtain a mini credit, for which they have achieved great popularity thanks to their receptivity, help and benefit.


Loans for the unemployed: a quick financial solution

Loans for the unemployed: a quick financial solution

Do you need financial help? Did you lose your job and require a mattress of money? Loans for the unemployed are the best way to deal with urgent economic situations, allowing us to return deadlines and applying under less rigorous requirements.

The general conditions of each loan present us with the perfect opportunity to compare and choose the best option. Take into account that it is easier to apply for financing, if you can prove some type of income, even if it is little and independent of a legal company.

Regardless of the small amounts that you charge per month, the important thing is to justify before the financial institution that you have the capacity to pay to respect the amortization times, as well as to cover the interest and the rest of the corresponding expenses.

In case you are a long-term unemployed person, who do not have unemployment benefits or some type of subsidy, you need to look for a guarantee that answers for you in case you do not have how to cover the monthly installments of the loan.
However, these requirements may also vary according to the amount of money you request, it is not the same to make an application for € 600 to a request of € 6000.

Financial institutions online credit, have different types of loans for the unemployed, so you can make a comparison and verify which is best suited to you, your situation and your needs in particular.


Get loans for the unemployed via the web

Get loans for the unemployed via the web

The biggest advantage of online loans is the speed with which they grant funds to bank accounts. Sometimes, in a matter of 15 minutes we can enjoy the loan we have made under a simple application, via the web and without great requirements.

To manage loans for the unemployed, it is only necessary to complete the form, providing the personal data and information they request in a truthful manner. In a short time, we will know the status of the application, whether or not it was approved.

Unlike banks, online financial institutions provide loans for the unemployed with prior knowledge of independent income, which are generally based on the marketing of products, the provision of various services by the user and others.

This type of financial activities, even if they are independent or sporadic, represent a sufficient guarantee to request quick loans, as well as ensure the responsible return of the money within the established term.
Not having a job and having an urgent expense is a factor of despair for anyone, therefore, hundreds of entities provide the most recognized and best valued financial solution today: instant mini-credits for the unemployed.

Do you know how to request them? Below, we present the most appropriate way to manage this type of loans. Pay attention!

Steps for applying for loans for the unemployed

These loans for the unemployed have a process very similar to that of a request for conventional mini-credits:

  • Fill out a form on the website of the financial institution lender.
  • In this form, indicate the personal data.
  • Include a phone number and an active email.
  • Indicate the bank account number to which we want to receive the funds. If we are holders, the approval will be faster.
  • Provide the required legal information, such as the DNI / NIE.
  • Verify that the data is correct and send the form for review.
  • Wait a prudent time to receive the response to the request.

Normally before an unemployment situation, the lender company will ask the client for the necessary documentation that proves that he is unemployed and collecting the corresponding pension.

Loans for the unemployed are approved in most cases, allowing amounts ranging from € 50 to € 1,000 according to each financial institution.

On the other hand, the amortization times are always around 30 days, giving a sufficient period for the unemployed to get the money under their own means. The conditions of loans for unemployed are flexible and give the opportunity to any person to request a quantity of money that allows him to solve a specific economic situation.

Unemployed loans are ideal to cover an improvised expense Consultation with different lenders online! And check which one has a better offer for you.


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