Know the Best Online Loan Simulators

Since the development and dissemination of the Internet in our lives and in society as a whole, many things have been evolving into the online medium and into the digital world. Besides practicality we get a lot more information, in a shorter time and in a simplified way, this is the role of the Internet.

The way we do various day-to-day activities are already different, we do not even use the phone to order food anymore, we do not have to go to a taxi point to get to a destination, the internet unites people from all over the world through of social networks and chat and conversation tools online.


This evolution also reached the financial and banking market

This evolution also reached the financial and banking market

First with the automation of banking services, with the creation of so-called “Internet Bankings”, the banks’ websites became real bank branches with the realization of the most diverse services, including the possibility of deposits online.

All this automation has also reached the loan market, today with a few clicks it is possible to contract a loan operation from anywhere, with very little bureaucracy and incredible facility.

In addition to the ease several companies in the market are working with aim to connect people the best opportunities available in the market. These companies are the so-called loan comparators, with few clicks you compare the rates of the major institutions of the market in one place, avoiding the job of “hunting” companies in the market.

In this methodology, you show interest in taking out a loan and financial institutions offer the conditions available making you have the information needed for decision making quickly.


Different Comparators the best result

Different Comparators the best result

We can mention in the market different comparators, being:

BPP Credit: BPP Credit is the largest loan mall in the market, allowing the quotation of several amounts and terms, with more than twenty financial institutions in the market at one time, providing the greatest possible time savings to the person interested in the loan.

Serasa eCred: The largest database of clients in Brazil developed a platform in partnership with several financial institutions, with the purpose of facilitating the quotation of loans, focusing mainly on the comparison of rates, terms and facilities for contracting the loan, with the backing of Serasa.

PPI Lending: It allows the contracting in a totally online way, of values ​​between R $ 1,000.00 to R $ 50,000.00, with terms between six and thirty-six months.

SMP Financing: It allows you to contract totally online, values ​​between R $ 500.00 to R $ 3,500.00, in up to twelve times, with very competitive rates. Its differential is to allow for credit analysis even for people who are negative.

eCredit: It allows the contracting of credit, but with more solid guarantees, being the loan with property and car warranty the main products available.

POSCredit It is a financial that allows the realization of loan quote online, however it has a difference, they indicate a physical store to be responsible for the service and only make the loan to people without other restrictions.

Remember the main rule of the digital market, check if the site you are browsing in fact belongs to the financial institution, verify the veracity of the CNPJ, site security certificates and in no case make any deposit as a sign for loan release .